• Publishing is a schlog let us help you with that!

    Schlogastic books. Editing, self-publish guidance, formatting, and moral support.

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    Editing is the most important part of the process.

    Professional manuscript proofreading for free.

    *We offer basic proofreading for free.

    For a negotiable flat rate fee of $50 we offer an advanced copy editing service that includes but not limited to

    paragraph structure

    dialogue cleanliness

    grammar and punctuation

    typo correction.


    Can't publish without the right format

    We will help you get your manuscript formatted for the correct size of the book you want to make! Again FREE (included in the $50 flat flee).

    We offer basic formatting for free we will get it to fit the standard 6x9 book format.


  • Artists

    This is a preview of the artists we are partnered with

    This is from Dave Lentz

    Visit their website https://www.davelentz.com

    This is from Candice Creations

    This is from Porche Berry

    Visit their website https://www.thebookcovershop.com/store/porcheberry/

  • We want to help you through the schlog of self-publishing!

    At Schlogastic books the most important thing to us is helping you make your dream come true. This is why we offer free consultation and proofreading to help you get started. With fifteen years of experience under our belts we are able to give expert advice, step by step guides through the process!

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